Vitoria , European Green Capital 2012

I think this is the best topic possible for starting my  english opinions.

This week I´ve read really bad new about our rate recycling waste materials, but it´s good to know that at least a small part of hour country this year is the Green European Capital, Vitoria

Stockholm 2010, Hamburg 2011 and now it´s our turn, all the spanish capitals should learn something from Vitoria this year.

In the following web page you could read more about the city and the Green objectives for this year, their agenda … .

Those are some of the open projects:

1. Sensitive natural resources protection and restoration plan

2. Flood prevention plan

3. Scheme to improve biocapacity, biodiversity and urban landscape (Inner Green Belt)

4. Mobility and public space plan

5. Strategic waste plan: towards zero dumping

6. Plan to reduce urban contamination

7. Struggle against climate change plan

8. Plan to improve the water cycle in Vitoria-Gasteiz

9. Plan to promote a sustainability culture in society and in business

10. Regional improvement and urban rehabilitation plan

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I like this!