What happens if you Audit your real life?

¿Has your Company ever had an Audit?

¿Did you ever prepared the Audit documentation?

¿Did your Company seems to be a Chaotic one when preparing an Audit?

Nowadays our companies receive several audits each year, from customers, from suppliers, from quality certifiers, environmental audits, financial audits…

When an Audit date is coming, the people in all the departments start working hard, against the clock, checking every minimum detail.

But… in this cases… did you ever take this “Audit” mentality into your real life or social life? Did you ever checked your kitchen looking for the best layaout? Did you speak your friends about the more eficient way to prepare a meeting?…

If you´ve ever lived this situation maybe the following pictures will draw a smile in you face!

Imagine an Audit in your real life! Let´s do it! Here we have some BEFORE-AFTER examples

CONCLUSION: Sometimes to divide all the activities in a company may be a problematic and difficult work, but the global view helps you to find easy solutions to big problems and increase the company´s efficiency.